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5 High-Demand Jobs Due to AI
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5 High-Demand Jobs Due to AI

The emergence of AI is expected to eliminate some jobs, but at the same time to also create new job opportunities. Here are five examples of new jobs that may be created thanks to AI:

  1. AI Trainers: As AI systems continue to evolve, we will need experts who can train and fine-tune AI algorithms, ensuring they perform accurately and ethically.  AI Trainers examine the results generated by AI algorithms and tell data scientists how to tweak the algorithms to reflect what seem to be the expected results. Over time, AI will not only improve and require less tweaking, but it will also learn by itself, just by looking at more data. This process is called Machine Learning.
  2. Data Scientists: With the increasing amount of data generated by AI systems, we will see a growing demand for professionals who can analyze and interpret this data, providing insights and recommendations for businesses and organizations. Data Scientists are the people writing the algorithms that are at the heart of AI. They use software code to write such algorithms. Today, even software code can be written by AI tools such as ChatGPT.
  3. AI Ethicists: As AI becomes more integrated into our lives, businesses will need professionals who can address the ethical implications of AI development and usage, ensuring that AI systems are developed and deployed responsibly. In addition, since some online content will be created by AI, we will need to have the capabilities to discern the differences between true and fake content. AI tools will be developed for this purpose but at the same time, we are likely to continue to rely on humans to operate and train such tools.
  4. Bot Management Operation Specialists: As more and more activities are performed by bots, there will be a need for people with the skills of operating and managing bots. Imagine a hospital with robots catering to the patients, administrating drugs, and changing sheets. This operation will need people in the hospital control room, making sure that the operation is run smoothly and without a risk to the patients. This will be also the case in manufacturing facilities or delivery centers where thousands of bots will be performing sophisticated tasks.
  5. Human-AI Interaction Specialists: As AI systems become more prevalent, we will see an increased need for individuals who can design and improve the interactions between humans and AI, creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and experiences.

These are just a few examples, and as AI continues to advance, new jobs and career paths are likely to emerge, presenting opportunities in various fields.